Rise Of The Spartans

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Rise Of The Spartans

Philip Matyszak explores two themes: how Sparta came to be the unique society it was, and the rise of the city from a Peloponnesian village to the military. Vergangenes Wochenende fand im Weizer Volkshaus die vierte Ausgabe der international bekannten Kampfsport-Gala Rise of Spartans statt. Am im Volkshaus-Weiz, organisiert​ der Fightclub eine große Abendveranstaltung für Kampfsport - Boxen und K1. Eine großartige.

Das war Rise of Spartans 4

Rise Of Spartans is one of the over slots, table games, live casinos, video poker, scratch cards and other games that we offer here in our amazing and user​. Philip Matyszak explores two themes: how Sparta came to be the unique society it was, and the rise of the city from a Peloponnesian village to the military. Die spartanische Königin Gorgo befindet sich auf einem Schiff der Flotte Spartas und erzählt ihren Soldaten von der zehn Jahre zuvor stattgefundenen Schlacht.

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Rise of the Spartans: Act 2 (Director's Cut) [Reach Machinima]

Keno Quoten erlernte die Kampfkunst, zeichnete sich durch hohe Kriegskunst aus und bescherte RГ¤tselraten KreuzwortrГ¤tsel persischen König Dareios viele Siege. Hinweis: Der Autor wird vom System benachrichtigt. Beiträge zum Thema Rise of Spartans.

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Angesichts der für Artemisia aussichtslosen Situation bietet ihr Themistokles die Möglichkeit zur Flucht, die sie ausschlägt; daraufhin tötet er sie. Vergangenes Wochenende fand im Weizer Volkshaus die vierte Ausgabe der international bekannten Kampfsport-Gala Rise of Spartans statt. Die bereits fünfte Ausgabe der Kampfsport-Gala-Reihe "Rise of Spartans" fand kürzlich im Weizer Volkshaus statt. Zwölf Kämpfe im Kickboxen und Profi-Boxen. Philip Matyszak explores two themes: how Sparta came to be the unique society it was, and the rise of the city from a Peloponnesian village to the military. This cultural history of Ancient Sparta chronicles the rise of its legendary military power and offers revealing insight into the people behind the myths.
Rise Of The Spartans Nightflash heard about this and decides to help as well as Whisper, they get in a falcon Penalty Fever go off. Archangel, Nightflash and Ocelot have broken through the elite barrier in the canyon. A couple squads of marines, along with the last two ODSTs, begin hustling toward the barricade and take defensive positions around the barricade. Brass says that it isn't gone, he took it earlier. He is then surrounded by stealth elites including the yellow zealot seen at the beginning of the part. Official Sites. Nightflash asks Fido what he did to his Spartan Laser, Moorhuhn Kart Kostenlos Downloaden doesn't respond. Nightflash sees a golden warthog and says he wants one. Explore Wikis Community Central Start Spielen In English Wiki. It then cuts to the beach where Raptor and Thel and Spotlemon Elites are. Then an Elite major comes out of Active Camo, and takes out a sword. Darknal himself has made a small cameo in Rise of the Spartans' latest episode, and Stormray, also a special guest actor, plays a role in the current episode of the series. Part 2 opens with an elite strike team led by Raptor ambushing a group of marines.
Rise Of The Spartans Uploaded on Jul 28, Through the teleporter and down the rabbit hole, the squad finds themselves each lost into a new adventure, and seeks to find one ano. Uploaded on Nov 20, When journeys cross, adventures meet; when challenge awaits, victory beckons; when conflicts grows, war begins. This war, is ours. The official YouTube channel for the Rise of the Spartans series, a Halo: Reach machinima created by Black Plasma Studios. Due to copyright and other issues. Welcome to the Rise of the Spartans Wiki Edit. Rise of the Spartans is a Halo: Reach machinima series, Created by Arbiter (David), who's the founder,owner and leader of Black Plasma Studios. Most Active Users Edit. Master UNSC Done some great work all around the Wikia Sparkywolf Doing most of the clean-ups and Photo's. Rise of the Spartans is a Halo: Reach Machinima film series created by Arbiter It focuses on a team of Spartans on Reach, who later teleport to a Forerunner Ring and encounter more Covenant.

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American History. Period Dramas-The Age of Antiquity-8th Century BC BC. He trys to chase after his target but is discouraged by the Shipmaster, allowing the target to escape.

It then shows a few days later, that Nightflash teleported into the same area. Climbing onto a rock he notices the halo ring and realizes something has gone wrong.

It then shows the others appearing in different areas on the ring, Swift appears in a cave, Whisper in a desert area, Brass in a rocky area, and Ocelot in a similar place to Whisper, before returning to Nightflash who trys to contact any UNSC forces in the area.

As he does so a purple elite sneaks up on him, knocks him to the ground, and steals his Spartan Laser. It then runs off and is chased by Nightflash.

He catches up with the elite and asks him to return his weapon which it doesn't, it is then scared off by movement and Nightflash readys his weapon at the sound.

The target seen in the first part walks over the top of a ridge with a bunch of marines and comments on Nightflash's armour, he then introduces himself as Lucas Gradeur, or Archangel.

He tells Nightflash to follow them back to their base. As they walk off Archangel asks Nightflash if he has seen a purple elite stating that he has a tendency of hiding and shows him watching them walk away.

Meanwhile, Brass explores his surroundings and finds both a large covenant barricade and a group of ODST's, he is then attacked and chased by the elites and follows the ODST's into a cave that they are living in.

They then angrily yell at him asking "What were you doing standing out there like that!?!? The scene then moves to Swift who trys to contact the others but is unable to do so.

He begins to explore the area and finds a crashed pelican, he runs up and ask what is happening before going and finding the pilot has suffered spinal damage as a result of the crash, he then uses his Drop Shield to heal the damage, much to the suprise of the assembled marines.

Swift then introduces himself to the man in charge who invites him inside. Swift then looks up and notices a bunch of marines standing on a hill in the distance, when he asks about it the commander just says that "They won't dare to tangle with us.

She meets the two leaders who then begin to have a discussion where she is constantly interrupted, she then jets up to them and asks if anyone else has teleported in.

They then invite her inside so they can talk back at their base. The shot then returns to Nightflash who has now arrived at Archangel's base, and he explains their situation, that they are trapped in a canyon with the elites in front and an ocean behind them, rendering them trapped.

Nightflash then explains how he ended up here and asks Archangel how he got here. The next few shots move between characters who are each explaining to their respective spartan.

They each tell the same story. They arrived while chasing a Covenant corvette, they followed it only to be attacked at it's destination by another corvette.

They then abandon ship and land multiple drop sites around the ring. They also reveal that the ship, the UNSC Midsummer Night, is still working and is hidden from the elites by use of a stealth generator somewhere over the ring.

Each explain their current problems with Brass's ODST's trapped by the local elites, Whisper's marines a long way from anyone else, and Swifts base fighting with each other.

And all had no contact with the others since they landed on Halo. The shot goes to Swift with the marine commander introducing himself as Memphis, and tells him about a forerunner A.

I they "discovered. I to build weapons that they can use against the covenenat and that these weapons woud be more effective than their current weapon set.

Meanwhile, Whisper chats with the commander and his aide, and they are than attacked by a group of stealth elites, who slaughter some of the marines before leaving.

The commander and his aide comment on the fact that the elites didn't kill them all but merely appeared to be searching for something, As they head back inside Whisper jumps into a warthog and chases after them.

As this is happening Nightflash and Archangel continue to talk about his squad and Nightflash expresses his concern about them.

The shot then goes to Ocelot who is wandering around. Suddenly, a wraith's plasma lob appears over the ridge which Ocelot deflects with armor lock before he runs up and shotguns the gunner.

The driver, presumably in rage, chases him into a nearby cave where he, too, is shot. Ocelot then advances forward toward a massive Covenant Spire.

He is then surrounded by stealth elites including the yellow zealot seen at the beginning of the part. The epside begins at the spire last seen a the end of the last.

The camera follows an elite ultra to the top of the spire where he meets Raptor, the zealot from part 2, the ultra tell him that he is to go and watch the imprisoned Ocelot, Raptor comments on the pointlessness of the task stating it is more fit for minors or ultra's causeing the other elite to growl at him.

Raptor moves down to Ocelot and strikes up a conversation with him saying that he wanted to die with honour the two have a short conversation with Ocelot agreing with him about wanting to die with honour.

The scene then moves to Swift who is walking throught the garage area of the base he appeared at as he does one of the marines, who was fixing a guass hog, walks up to him and tells him to leave, Swift asks what he is talking about and leaves the garage.

He goes outside to try and get in contact with the rest of the squad. As he does another marine tells him that he wouldn't be able to contact them as they were to far up in the moutains.

He tells him that were they are is safe, aside from the threat of each other. He then asks about the A. I but the other marine comes back and there is an argument between the two that ends up with Mark punching the red marine and Swift punching the blue marine who runs back to the base.

The other gets back up and introduces himself as Scope and invites Swift to talk to the leader of red base. The scene moves to Nightflash who is beginnig given a 'tour' by Archangel.

Nightflash then asks why the two corvettes haven't killed them. Archangel then tells him that after damaging Midsummer Night one of the corvttes destoryed the other with elites still inside and that the one that is still standing hasn't involved itself in anyway.

As he is telling him this he suddenly starts looking around stating that Fido is listening. As he looks around Fido jumps down behind him and hands Nightflash his lazer before running off.

Nightflash asks about Fido and Archangel just says that he comes by to 'help out'. As Archangel walks off to the blockade Nightflash comments on not remebering his lazer begin so heavy.

As they walk off the camera switches to a HUd of an unknown character. The HUD lasts a few seconds and identifys Archangel as a target.

The shot switches to Brass who is assessing the ODST's armerments. As he looks around the two introduce themselves and Stephand and Nathen as they do Specter comes back saying that the elites have given up searching for them.

Nathen then asks Brass's name but is cut off by Specter. Brass then asks if he can have a look at the elite outpost, to which the marines say they'll take him to a good view.

The scene then returns to Raptor and Thel returns and demands to know where the human has gone, to which Raptor replys that he is taking a leak.

Thel moves in to retreive him but is knocked uncoscience by Ocelot who steals his sword as he trys to escape Raptor knocks him down. The shot goes to Swift who is in the red side where he meets Memphis.

Swift asks why Memphis wanted to see him. Memphis answers that he wants to get the A. I from the blues so that they can have a look at it.

Swift declines saying he needs to find his squad, Memphis then tells him that the whole ring world is Forunner and that if the A.

I is to then it may be very helpful. Meanwhile Brass and the ODST's have a look at the outpost. Brass says that his first plan of charaging in wouldn't work but says he has something else.

He sends a hologram in that is quickly picked off. Nightflash moves out to get a better look but one of the turrets begins to shoot at him.

He dogdes the shots and fires his laser. To his suprise it is green and signifiantly more powerful, however the elite sommon two ghosts and a revenenat that chases the two back to the base.

Meanwhile at the blue base Swift looks at the A. I as he does Al walks up to him telling him he heard what happened with make and that he had been talking the reds.

Swift tells him that the A. I isn't important to him which causes Al to ask him why he is here, Swift then tells him that both the red and blues are looking for the same thing.

As al works into a monalogue. The power suddenly goes off. As he runs off the A. I comes online and talks to Swift. Meanwhile Al is working on getting the power on.

When the power comes on he tells Swift he doesn't want him near the A. I or the reds to which Swift states that he'll just be somewhere inbetween.

The shot then moves to Ocelot and Raptor who are sword training. Raptor then tells Ocelot that an elites most vauable posession is his honour as it can't be replaced once lost, which he has.

He vows that he will one day finish his mission but will not have his honour back. Ocelot then asks if that is why his sword is different to which Raptor replys that it is given to the new kind of zealots.

As they continue training two minors watch them and run off back to spire to tell Firelight. Meanwhile there is still fighting at the canyon.

As the elite vehicles move in the marines appear and a vehicle fight breaks out. In the end the elites are driven back by a group of marines all armed with rockets.

As Nightflash moves back to the base Archangel asks him not to do that again. Nightflash say that he wanted to understand what they were dealing with and saying that the would need more of his squad.

As they walk back Nightflash says he has something on his radar Archangel just walks on saying that it was probably fido.

As they walk away the camera moves back to show an mysteriuos figure before it cuts to black. The episode begins with Swift entering Mephis's base. Swift tells Mephis that the A.

Memphis, at first, doesn't believe this, but when Swift tells him that the A. Mephis, Swift, Scope, and Traven meet up in the base to discuss about their plan of action.

Memphis proposes that Scope and Traven distract the Blues in order to keep the stand off going and prevent an actual civil war, giving Swift the opportunity amid the chaos to steal the A.

All four agree to it and begin discussing the full plan. Meanwhile, back at Tempest, Brass, Spectre, Stephen, and Nathan are still having troulbe getting past the Elite outpost.

They try one more time before Brass decides to go in alone. He sucseeds in entering the outpost's as the ODST's fall back to the cave.

Meanwhile at the Spire Raptor heads up top to talk with Firelight. Firelight orders him to go and collect 'supplies from a moutain out post'.

As he leaves he tells Raptor that he plans to kill the human while he is gone. The next scene moves to the Highlands with Mark sitting by the river.

Talks about coming to see his parents and we are treated to a flash back. In the flashback a spartan comes for a younger Mark telling him to get on the evac falcons.

Mark says to wait as his parents are on their way. As they round the corner they are cut down by elites. Mark comes to his senses and notices Swift behind him.

He asks if Swift will promise to help and then leave. Mark then barrets him for how little choice he has left. Swift just leaves saying he can still make his own choices.

Menwhile the ODST's regroup outside their cave and think about how Brass will get out. As they do so an elite runs out and stuns Specter as the other two run off.

As this is happening Raptor goes to Ocelots cell and tells him of his coming exictuion. Ocelot realises that this is the last time they will talk.

He say's he has learned a lot from him and agrees with all but. The idea that honour can be returned. Apon hearing this Raptor leaves to consider something and Ocelot wishes him good luck.

Next moring the reds and Swift put their plan into action. As Traven and Scope head toward the blue base, Traven notices some blues and draws one off and then Swift appears and beats down the other.

Scope gives him 20 seconds to get into position before he pulls the alarm. He switches on the alarm and all the blues scramble to get ready. As this happens Swift moves in to grab the A.

I but is blocked by Mark who tell him this is proof of him inability to make decisions for himself. Swift then runs out back to Scope and Traven who are surounded by Al an d the blues.

As Al yells out the reds Seift runs in and tells Al to give the A. I to the reds. Al yells back saying that he is the only one to have.

Suddenly even one hears a voice and when everyone looks up Whisper is standing above them. Meanwhile at the canyon the mysteriuos figure moves in on Archangel but before he can get to him he is intercept by Nightflash.

He manages to drive Nightflash back but by then Archangel has his shotgun to his face. The figure says that 'his consern is for only one of you mortals'.

He slowly backs away saying that he is seeking revenge on a fallen angel before running off. When Nightflash asks about him Archangel shouts are him telling him it isn't his business and that he would handle this alone.

Meanwhile back at the Highlands a blue runs up to Al telling him that someone is tripping sensors near the A. I room. Al thinks it is part of Swifts plan and moves off to deal with it.

As this is happening Mark is still at the A. I room as an another blue appears and says he was making coffee. As he walks past his is assassinated by a spec ops elite.

Mark jumps down and way from him and actives the alarm. Meanwhile Swift and Whisper make their own way back. As some ghost go past Whisper snipes one before Swift tells her they have brought more.

The elite's attack, beginning witha wraith barrage before they send their troops in. Swift and Whsiper finally make it to the A.

I room but are to late as the A. I is gone. Swift tells Whisper to focus on the troops and he'll go after the A.

Swift makes his way to the red side helping blues along the way. At the same time Whisper helps the blues hold the line back on their side. As the wraiths move in the red appear across the canyon and open fire on the wraiths killing one.

As Swift looks around he notices the elite and chases him into red base. However he is confrunted by an elite ultra who knocks him down with his gravity hammer.

Swift eventually kills him but doesn't catch up to the other elite in time. As he looks around a wraith uncloacks and shoots him while he trys to block it with his Drop sheild.

The next scene moves to Highlands after the battle. Swift walks in on Al. Mark, Mephis, Scope and Whisper.

Swift sounds in pain as says that he has felt better. He apoliges to the others who say that it was thanks to him they are safe.

Swift says he plans to go after the elites with Whisper saying she'll go with him. Mark says he has a warthog they can use.

As this happens Firelight goes to Ocelot and the scene begins ulternating between Swift and Whisper talking about where they ended up, if they have contacted the others, how much they have changed, what they are going to do.

And Ocelot who is begin taken to his exicution. As Firelights speach reachs a climax a revenat pulls up kills an elite lets Ocelot in and drives off.

The driver is then reveiled to be Raptor who says he has decided. As this happens Swift and Mark move into the garage where Mark shows them the hog they'll be using.

As Swift moves toward the drivers seat Mark stops him and says because of the turret, a guass turret, he is driving. As they prepare to leave Al walks in and asks Swift to keep the A.

I if they get it, saying it would do him better good than the marines. Meanwhile the spec ops elite is standing in a clearing as another elite walks up and says it is ready.

The spec ops elite questions if they are worthy of the power and then tells the elite to load it in. As the camera pans out it is reveiled to be the A.

After the credits the scene moves to the base Whisper appeared at. Ryan's forces are preparing to roll out.

Austin moves to Ryan and says they have located her position. In which Ryan replies, "Well she's gonna need our help. The episode begins with Raptor smuggling Ocelot in his revenant, passing through the Covenant barricade, and dropping Ocelot off in an area close by Archangel's canyon base.

Ocelot thanks Raptor for saving him, while Raptor tells him that there's a human base nearby and that they'll see each other again.

Raptor drives off, and Ocelot start walking toward the base. Then Ocelot sees Nightflash, and Nightflash turns to see his squadmate.

The scene transitions to Swift, Whipser, and Mark driving back to Ryan's base. They come to an abrupt halt when they see a minefield along the outer perimeter.

Swift and Whisper dismount the warthog, while Mark still in the driver's seat, to scout the area. Mark honks the horn twice asking them where they are going and how long they are going to be gone for.

Swift says they are going around a corner and going to be gone for a minute. They go inside a hut which contains fusion coils and weapons.

Whisper knew the stealth team from Part 2 came through here. Swift asks Whisper what escpaed from the Highlands, She says that one wraith escaped and Swift figuried that one wraith didn't do all this.

Whisper asks Swift if we should gather an army and Swift says there is no time. Suddenly a musical horn went off which was caused by Mark's Warthog.

Nightflash calls out Fido, Ocelot doesn't get it. Archangel doesn't trust Ocelot because of his friendship with Raptor.

Nightflash asks Fido what he did to his Spartan Laser, Fido doesn't respond. Swift, Whisper and Mark team-up with the ODSTs and prepare to attack the elite outpost to retake the AI.

Firelight tells Harthag that he didn't see who saved Ocelot. Raptor meets Nightflash and continues to train Ocelot in energy sword fighting. Archangel begins spying on Ocelot because he doesn't trust him.

Archangel and Raptor find him spying. Raptor tells Archangel that if he wanted him dead, he would be, before going to talk to Ocelot.

Raptor tells Ocelot about how Ragath killed Oosku. Swift, Whisper, Mark and the ODSTs attack the elite outpost. Archangel, Nightflash and Ocelot attack the elite barrier in the canyon.

During the fight, Swift is shot and knocked unconcious. Kalos is revealed to be the elite in charge of the outpost, guarding the AI.

Commander Ryan arrives, joining in the attack on the elite outpost. Fido joins in the attack on the elite barrier.

Brass attacks Kalos, shooting at him as Kalos jumps in a Banshee and escapes. Archangel, Ocelot and Nightflash break through the elite barrier.

After Commander Ryan has killed all of the elites at the elite outpost, Swift wakes up. Whisper goes to look for the AI, but doesn't find it. Brass shoots at her, thinking she is an elite, until he realises it is her.

Swift joins them and is happy to see Brass, but is not happy that the AI is gone. Brass says that it isn't gone, he took it earlier.

Brass gives Swift the AI. The ODSTs tell them that they are going to stay at the elite outpost, and Commander Ryan says that he is going to return to Boneyard, but before he goes, he tells them that the rest of their squad are probably with Archangel and gives them the location of Archangel's canyon.

Ryan gives them a mongoose and they leave. Raptor arrives at Spire and tells Firelight and Leth that they have lost the barrier in the canyon.

Firelight asks Raptor if he left them escape, as he did Ocelot. Raptor says it was not him who saved Ocelot.

Firelight orders Raptor and Leth to go to the canyon and search for the humans. Archangel, Nightflash and Ocelot have broken through the elite barrier in the canyon.

They are attacked by Robo. During the attack, Nightflash realises that Ocelot has left. Robo runs, but Archangel chases him and attacks him.

Archangel begins to lose the fight. Ocelot appears and shoots at Robo with his grenade launcher. He misses. The grenade hits a warthog which exploded and flies into Ocelot, knocking him off a cliff.

This episode starts with Ocelot appearing in a mining facility after following a soilder who cannot hear him he comes across Archangel.

He continues to follow the soilder who is heading towards a "missed terminal". After discovering there is nothing there Archangel reveals he is leaving and that the soilder Ocelot has been following is really an early Sev.

Archangel abandons Sev to become captain of Midsummer night. Sev is attacked by a brute and after wandering passes out his barly conscious body and sticks it.

Ocelot then wakes up after surviving the fall to Sev what reciting what seems to be poetry. Sev reveals that was "his story" and that he is not going to kill Archangel but his legacy when asked by Ocolot.

Nightflash is then see running up to where Ocelot stands where Sev has dissapeared the two converse and Ocelot tells Nightflash he feels like there "standing in a crossfire with freinds and enemys on both sides i know where getting shot at but im not sure by who and i know one of these shots are gonna hit.

It then cuts to Rahgaths ship where Kalos is giving his report on what happened at Tempest when Rahgath responds it dosent matter Kalos gets enraged when Rahgath does not care about the elites who died defending the AI.

Kalos asks Rahgath what he sacrifices which Rahgath responds with his honor and reveals the only way he can walk the path is to begin the great journey himself and he will become king of the gods.

He then tells Kalos to seek out Raptor as Firelight belives he isnt completly with the Covernant and Kalos needs to find out.

The fire deflects off the shield and Ocelot breaks off after Bet E few seconds when the elites recharge their weapons. Uptown Aces Casino. As the ODSTs were falling back, Ocelot gave them suppressing fire, killing the remaining hunter, a couple of grunts and jackals, and finishing off a wraith with Wildspins rocket launcher. Genesis Casino.

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